Full verbal directions and a map have been provided to help you find your way.

Click here for a printable map and directions to parking.

Here's a handy Google map indicating important locations such as the hotel, the Special Collections Library where the meeting sessions take place, the closest available campus parking structure (Hull Street parking deck), and a couple of other key campus features

Getting to the Reception and to the Meeting Sessions

WALKING: This is a pedestrian meeting. It's only 1.5 long blocks and a 5- or 6-minute stroll south from the hotel to the Special Collections Libraries building. Downtown Athens is just a couple blocks east of the hotel, across Broad Street.

THE QUICK-&-DIRTY VERSION: Follow the sidewalk down the slope on the west side of S. Hull Street immediately adjacent to the conference hotel a couple of blocks. Cross Hull right where it curves to the right, continuing to walk in the direction you've been following, until you've passed the end of the first big, multi-storey brick building you see to your right (the Special Collections Library). Make a hard right directly in front of that building you’ve just passed, enter it via the glass doors on its south face, and you’ll be at the SEMLA meeting and reception venue.


Exit the Holiday Inn on East Broad St. (U.S.78), one floor up from the main lobby where you checked in, i.e., on the same level as the restaurant, the Redfearn Grille—hotel staff can direct you.

Leaving the Holiday Inn on Broad Street--go through this gate, and left onto the sidewalk. The white construction plastic facing you on this new construction site probably won't be visible by the time you check in, so please don't depend on the color seen in this photo for a landmark. The pattern of the windows? Yeah, that'll be the same. (We think.)

As soon as you exit the hotel, turn LEFT (see preceding photo), and walk west a short distance on E. Broad to the corner of S. Hull and E. Broad streets.

Heading toward South Hull from the Holiday Inn—cross the intersection, then immediately turn left.

Cross Hull at the pedestrian crossing light (see preceding photo), which will put you on the side of S. Hull with the only sidewalk bordering it—there's none on the hotel side.

Immediately after crossing S. Hull, turn left and head south on the sidewalk down the hill. Keep following S. Hull down past the T-intersection formed by Hull and Wray streets on your left (Wray will form the stem of the T). When you reach the point where Hull curves to the right, DON'T follow the curve—carefully cross the street and keep going straight ahead, keeping to the left of the convex mirror. (Be extra alert for traffic as you cross here, especially behind you and to your left, as drivers tend not to slow for that curve.) As soon as you've crossed, you'll be at the NE corner of your destination, the Special Collections building, but at this point you'll also still be at the rear of the building, where theres no entry. (See next photo.)

Cross South Hull here where it starts to curve to the right—keep heading straight down to the left of the convex mirror and the east end of the Special Collections Library, visible here now on your right.

Keep walking a short distance in the same direction that you've come the whole way from the hotel, proceeding just past the east end of the building on your right. There'll be a university parking lot access road immediately on your left, i.e., right where S. Hull had been in relation to you until it curved to the west where you crossed it and left it behind you—ironically enough, this low-traffic throughway has sidewalks on both sides of it. (See next photo.)

Almost there!—the south-facing atrium entrance will be on your right just past this, the east end of the building.

Make a hard right as soon as you've passed the southeast corner of the building (which should still be to your right), and proceed to the glass-doored entrance to the atrium.

* The OPENING RECEPTION Thursday night will be in Room 285, the large banquet facility on the SECOND floor (exhibit level).

* The MEETING SESSIONS on Friday and Saturday will also be on the 2nd floor, in the auditorium, Rm. 271. (Please note that no food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium at any time.)