Stuff to Do & See While in Athens & Vicinity

Just the facts: if you want some deep background on our city and its surrounding county (the smallest in the state), the University of Georgia Libraries web development team has pulled together a useful site at Athens-Clarke County Guide.

Music: Flagpole, also available free around town in hard copy in most coffee shops and other locations, is the unofficial hipsters’ guide to all things Athens. Many of us who may lay no claims whatsoever to being hipsters are often spied reading it covertly, behind a copy of the Wall Street Journal or the NY Times.

Georgia Museum of Art (on our East Campus, right across a quad from the Hugh Hodgson School of Music and our Music Library—free admission): Exhibitions on View

Lyndon House Arts Center & historic home (free admission to most exhibits and many events): Lyndon House

State Botanical Garden of GA (free admission): State Botanical Garden of GA

Self-guided walking or driving tour brochures to download from Athens Welcome Center: Self-Guided Tours

Walk the Athens/Clarke County Greenway: Greenway

Athens City Guide from Design Sponge (with thanks to Lina Sheahan of Belmont University): Athens City Guide

Anything/everything (the Flagpole Guide to Athens): Flagpole Guide

A bit more anything/everything (Athens Chamber of Commerce guide to attractions & facilities): Things to Do in Athens

The annual downtown Halloween romp. Saturday evening, post-conference: Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade and Spectacle

Athens Ciné, repertory/art house cinema (site of our Friday banquet): Ciné

Founders’ Garden, Garden Club of Georgia (just off Lumpkin St. straight east of the Special Collections Library and up a few stairs off the east side of Lumpkin—a wonderful space for introverts and garden lovers of every stripe, if the weather’s nice. Take a paperback or your e-reader or tablet, and enjoy a bench. Blue herons and red-tailed hawks visit this urban refuge frequently, along with some resident grey catbirds, brown thrashers (GA’s state bird), and the to-be-expected cardinals, towhees, & mockingbirds: Founders' Garden

Places of Worship

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