Old Absinthe House, New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

About New Orleans

You can never be at a loss for things to do in New Orleans. Indeed, there is so much to do we can only list a couple of the highlights nearest the conference hotel and venue. For a comprehensive list and description of things to do in New Orleans, visit the Official Guide to New Orleans.

Record Shop Hopping is always a blast. Map out your route with this amazing map created by Local Arrangements Committee member Rachel Tillay:



It's easy to get an amazing meal on the cheap in New Orleans. New Orleans Menu is a great place to find just the type of food you want at the price you want.

Here's a map of restaurants near campus:

Here's another map of restaurants near the hotel:


Music is in the air in our fair city. There are so many venues they can't possibly be listed here. Luckily, someone has already done the work for us.

For classical music events, visit: http://birdfootfestival.org/hearhear/calendar/
For all other music, visit: https://www.wwoz.org/calendar/livewire-music

Preservation Hall entrance, New Orleans
Preservation Hall


There is art around every corner in New Orleans.

For Free
There are a number of places where you can see a lot of fine art at no cost, including:

  • The unofficial/official art market in front of St. Louis Cathedral
  • Royal Street has a number of galleries featuring local and international artists
  • Julia Street is known as the heart of the Arts District and is lined with locally owned art galleries
  • Outdoor Sculpture Garden in City Park (behind the New Orleans Museum of Art)

For a Fee
There are several art museums throughout New Orleans, including:

  • The Museum of Southern Art
  • The Contemporary Art Center
  • The New Orleans Museum of Art


There are so many choices that we can’t list them all. Here are a few options within a reasonable distance of the hotel:

  • World War II Museum
  • The Cabildo
  • The Old U.S. Mint (which also houses the New Orleans Jazz Museum)
  • Southern Food and Beverage Museum
  • Louisiana’s Civil War Museum (NB - this museums specialty is Confederate history)
  • The Beauregard/Keyes House


There’s a shocking amount of green space in our city that will be delightful to visit in October. Here are a few of the larger venues:

  • Audubon Park
  • Audubon Zoo
  • Audubon Aquarium
  • Audubon Insectarium
  • City Park