Article I: NAME

The name of the organization shall be the Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association, Inc.


A. The purpose of the Chapter shall be:

  1. To promote the establishment, use, and growth of music libraries and collections of music materials in the Southeast.
  2. To encourage communication and cooperation with libraries and music collections not affiliated with the Music Library Association to determine how the Chapter may be of assistance to the individual library.
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of problems regarding all aspects of work with music materials.
  4. To initiate and encourage activities to improve the organization, administration, holdings, and public services of such libraries and collections.

B. The Chapter is a non-stock, non-profit organization operated exclusively for said purposes. No part of the net earnings of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of any individual. No officer or member shall, as such, receive compensation for services. All publication by the Chapter shall be done in accordance with official Music Library Association policy.


  1. Membership in this Chapter shall be open to all members of the Music Library Association, Inc., to persons actively engaged in library work, and to those who have an interest in the purposes of this Chapter.
  2. Persons eligible for membership shall be considered members upon payment of annual dues.
  3. Only members in good standing shall be entitled to vote at business meetings of the Chapter or on official ballots.
  4. Membership dues shall be determined by the Executive Board and specified in the By-laws.


  1. Elected officers of the Chapter shall be a Vice Chair-Chair Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Members-at-large.
  2. Officers shall be elected by members of the Southeast Chapter from a slate prepared by the Nominating Committee.
  3. The officers shall be elected as follows: the Vice Chair-Chair Elect and one member-at-large in even-numbered years, the Secretary-Treasurer and other member-at-large in odd-numbered years. Officers shall assume their duties at the close of the business meeting at which they are elected.
  4. The elected officers, Chair, and Past-Chair, shall constitute the Executive Board and Shall be the governing body. The Executive Board shall be responsible for effecting the stated purpose of the Chapter and shall initiate such activities as are appropriate.
  5. The Chapter Archivist serves as a special chapter officer, appointed annually for an unlimited number of consecutive terms. This office does not constitute a position on the Executive Board.


  1. The Chapter shall hold at least one regular meeting each year, normally in the fall, at a place which shall be determined by the Executive Board of the Chapter in consultation with the Program Chairperson and prospective Local Arrangements Chairperson.
  2. Members shall be notified not less than thirty (30) days in advance of regular meetings.
  3. One session of each regular Chapter meeting shall be devoted to a business meeting at which the Chairperson shall preside.
  4. The members of the Chapter present shall constitute a quorum.
  5. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board for an emergency or an event of special interest to the members.


  1. The standing committee shall be the Nominating Committee.
  2. Ad hoc committees may be created by the Executive Board. The terms of office for such committees shall be fixed by the Executive Board.


  1. The Constitution, By-Laws and decisions of the Board of Directors of the Music Library Association, Inc. take precedence over the Constitution, By-Laws and decisions of this Chapter.
  2. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the Chapter in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Chapter Constitution, By-Laws, or any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.


In the event of dissolution of the Chapter, all records and any assets remaining shall become the property of the Music Library Association, Inc.


  1. The Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the voting members. The text of the amendment and a ballot shall be circulated to the membership at least thirty (30) days before the voting place.
  2. The Bylaws may be amended by a majority of the members present at the regular business meeting or by a postal or electronic mail vote of a majority of those voting. If a vote is conducted outside the regular business meeting, the text of the amendment(s) and a ballot shall be circulated to the membership at least thirty (30) days before votes are to be tabulated.
  3. When voting on Amendments to the Constitutions or By-Laws is to take place at a regular business meeting, ballots may be presented at the time of the voting at the meeting or they may be returned by postal or electronic mail to the Secretary-Treasurer before the meeting.
  4. Amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws may be proposed by the Executive Board or any three members of the Chapter. Proposals originating with a group of members shall be presented in writing to the Executive Board at least sixty (60) days before the meeting at which the proposal is to be considered.
Constitution amended and approved 1 April 97
Constitution amended and approved 9 Oct. 2004, Atlanta, GA