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No. 89 April 2010


Encourage Participation in Presentations With Instant Polling

Sarah Dorsey, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Grover asked me to write something up for Breve Notes about the technology I used for instant polling at our conference in New Orleans. The title of my presentation was "Never Waste a Good Crisis Or How the Economic Downturn is Greening Us All!" In the presentation I polled the audience (y'all) to inform the presentation. I learned about the technology from some tech savvy young 'uns* at my library. Us old folks may resist some of the new fangled technologies, but sometimes they are just too cool to pass up. J

Another cool thing is that, when I looked to see if the poll was still there (online), it was ...check this out:

Results of my question, "How has the economic downturn affected your library?" were 23 responses, 43% said budget reduction, 9% reduced hours, 9% hiring freeze, 13% lost positions and 26% other (hmm, I'm sure I asked what "other" was, but can't remember now - hard to take notes while presenting, but I remember trying).

This all happened when the audience took out their cell phones, looked at my powerpoint slide and punched in numbers displayed on the slide. Instantly the responses were visible up there on the screen. Wow!

This is total magic as far as I'm concerned - and really fun to use. It is also very simple. So the next time you're doing a presentation and think it would be helpful to do something a little more complex than a show of hands to inform your presentation or to help you decide what to focus on in the limited time that you have, go to and follow the simple instructions.

Oh, here is the other question I asked in New Orleans:

"What green thing has your library done/started?" Result? 75% responded recycling and 13% said green library group. (16 responses - where did those other 7 people go? You can respond more than once, actually.)

So, go for it - impress your administrators (or your young 'uns), keep your audience awake*and* have some fun! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me (

As for other cool online tools, recently I had the adventure of being involved in a virtual conference using the cool software called Elluminate. Unless you deleted my message without reading, you know it was the UNC Focus Forward conference about sustainability in the UNC system. It worked well. We had at least 30 people consistently logged in throughout the day with people entering and leaving, asking questions and all while sitting at their computers. How sustainable is that? See for more information if you are interested. Side note: do NOT get me wrong, I am not suggesting we do ALL of our conferences virtually, but after our most recent national meeting in San Diego, it became evident that some of them might not happen at all because of budgetary constraints (which was the case with UNC Focus Forward), so this is certainly better than no meeting at all.

There are lots of other fun products out there to help enhance the work we do. One I am experimenting with now is called I'll let you know in a month or two if it helps me get all this multitasking done or not ... now to go mark this article completed (yay!).

Or just plain fun, cool, eco stuff like free eco ringtones:

Please feel free to email me (see above) if you have some fun/useful tools that you swear by. I try to use things other people recommend to me, so I'd love to hear about your favorites! Thanks.

And, thanks for asking, Grover!

*Many thanks especially to Beth Filar-Williams, my generous, green colleague at UNC Greensboro.

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From the Chair

John Druesedow, Duke University (retired)

John Druesedow

There was a good representation of the SEMLA membership at the MLA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, on March 21-24. At the well-attended Interim Chapter Meeting on Monday, March 22, we had a rather full agenda with a number of interesting reports and important announcements. A full account of that meeting will be presented separately. (see "Minutes," beginning p. 10.)

Here are some highlights: Scott Phinney reported that our accounts have healthy balances and our membership totals 102 (95 individual plus 7 institutional); Grover Baker announced that the registration fee for the preconference Educational Outreach Program this coming fall will be raised in order to provide honoraria for the instructors; Jenny Colvin described the progress on the interviews of past chairs of the Chapter (i.e., the Oral History Project); Scott Phinney mentioned in connection with the local arrangements for the forthcoming Chapter meeting (to be held at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC on 14-16 October) that the hotel rate for the local Hampton Inn will be $119 plus 11% tax; Nara Newcomer and Grover Baker reported on communications with the Southeastern Library Association (SELA) about the use of SEMLA-L for SELA announcements; and Lois Kuyper-Rushing invited the Chapter to come to Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, LA, for the fall meeting in 2014.

The Program Committee, chaired by Gary Boye, is eager to hear your suggestions or proposals for the fall meeting as soon as possible.  Columbia now looms large in the planning circles. Here is a point of special interest: the Chapter membership list, which can now be found online at the SEMLA website, at the "Who We Are" page, will no longer be issued annually in the April issue of Breve Notes but will updated just in advance of the fall meeting and perhaps once again during the year.

The work of the Nominations Committee (Chris Durman, Jean Wald, Mac Nelson) continues. The floor for nominations (for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Member at Large) remains open. Ballots will be distributed with the August issue of Breve Notes. Contact Chris or another member of the committee if you have suggestions.

We currently have 95 individual members of SEMLA, not all of whom reside within SEMLA territory. Do we need more members to assure the health and continuity of the Chapter? I am inclined to think that we do. I would like to see a modest increase by next year with a long-range goal of a 20% increase within five years. I think the goal is doable. Please let me know if you have ideas about this or any other item of general interest to SEMLA; they will be most welcome.

Finally, congratulations once again to all those who presented or helped in any way to support the recent MLA meeting in San Diego. I'm sure all 95 individual and 7 institutional members of SEMLA appreciate your contributions.

First Time Attendees at MLA
First Time Attendees at MLA (left to right) -- Lisa Hooper (Tulane),
Jacob Schaub (Vanderbilt), Sarah Cohen (Florida State),
and Sarah Nodine (Florida State)

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Music is Not My Forte: Music Librarianship for the Non-Specialist

An EOP Workshop in Alabama

Liza Weisbrod, Auburn University

Cynthia Miller (University of Alabama) and I presented "Music is Not My Forte: Music Librarianship for the Non-Specialist" at the Alabama Library Association Annual Convention on April 14, 2010, in Huntsville, Alabama. Cynthia offered ideas for organizing concert performances in libraries (also seen as a poster session at MLA in San Diego), and I presented a workshop on music reference as part of MLA's Educational Outreach Program. We had 25-30 people in attendance from public and academic libraries and fielded lots of questions and comments from the audience. We demonstrated a reference interview for music questions, talked about possible problems in finding music materials, passed around various types of music scores, suggested a few resources that libraries could use to answer music inquiries (the free ones were especially popular), and even managed to get in a round of 'Name that Tune.' We provided a handout with websites and resources, listing both materials we had talked about and those that we did not have time to cover. Although we had only an hour for our show, we found this to be a great way to assist libraries in our state and publicize the work of MLA and the Educational Outreach Program.


Member News


Cynthia Miller (University of Alabama) and Liza Weisbrod (Auburn University) presented "Music is Not My Forte: Music Librarianship for the Non-Specialist" at the Alabama Library Association Annual Convention on April 14, 2010, in Huntsville, Alabama. See the article for additional details.

Chris Durman (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Grover Baker (Center for Popular Music, MTSU) presented a 50 minute session, entitled "Music Reference: Just the Basics," in conjunction with MLA's Educational Outreach Program at the Tennessee Library Association's 2010 Annual Conference on Thursday, March 18, 2010, in Memphis, TN.


Mac Nelson (University of North Carolina, Greensboro) received this year's Walter Gerboth Award from MLA in support of his research project "The Varga Legacy: An Oral History." The award funding will allow Mac to travel to cellist Laszlo Varga's home in Sarasota, FL to conduct three days of interviews. Watch for an article about the project in the next issue of Breve Notes. The Walter Gerboth Award is for members of MLA who are in the first five years of their professional library careers to assist research-in-progress in music or music librarianship.


After twenty-five years in the position, Paul F. Wells retired as Director of the Center for Popular Music at Middle Tennessee State University on April 1, 2010. As the founding director of the Center, Wells amassed a collection that is literally used by American popular music scholars from all around the globe. We wish Paul all the best in all of his future endeavors.

Roberta Ford (Columbus State University) began serving as Interim Executive Director of Columbus State University Libraries in October 2009. Never fear, Roberta still wears her Music Librarian hat, too.

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Southeast Chapter, Music Library Association
Interim Business Meeting
San Diego, CA
John Druesedow, chair, presiding
March 22, 2010
27 in attendance

  1. Call to order at 6:05 pm
  2. Minutes for annual meeting in October 2009 were approved as published in Breve Notes
  3. Treasurer's report

Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association
Treasurer's Report
For period October 6, 2009 to March 16, 2009
Submitted by Scott Phinney
San Diego, CA
March 22, 2010

NET WORTH as of October 6, 2009 $25,354.99
Membership dues $94.07^
Other gifts $30.00
PreConference Registration $138.60^
Joint Annual Conferencce Registration and Banquet $1,142.20^
Interest on checking account (as of 2/26/10) $.37
Interest on money market account (as of 2/26/10) $6.68


Instructors' Dinner
Instructors' Reimbursements
Annual Conference  
Reception Catering
Bonomolo Transportation
Student Help
Raeburn & Sakekeeny Speaker Honoraria
Gmeiner & Hartsock Conference Fee Refunds
2009 Pauline Shaw Bayne Travel Grant  
Kyle McCarrell, Co-Winner
Jacob Schaub, Co-Winner
Stop Payment Fee on Sakekeeny Check $34.00
Conway - Reimbursement for Brochure Printing $117.17
Checking account balance as of 3/16/10 $4,186.84
Money Market account balance as of 3/16/10 $16,160.23
NET WORTH as of March 16, 2010 $20,347.07
MEMBERSHIP (paid as of 3/16/10)  





^Figures are in partial dollars to account for fees assessed by PayPal

  1. Welcome to new members and first time attendees (John Druesedow)
    1. Sarah Cohen (Florida State)
    2. Lisa Hooper (Tulane)
    3. Jacob Schaub (Vanderbilt)
    4. Sarah Nodine (Florida State)
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Best of Chapters
      1. Anna Neal reported that Gary Boye's presentation about Tui St. George was submitted as SEMLA's contribution to MLA's Best of Chapters.
      2. Last year's winner, Holling Smith-Borne, is presenting in San Diego on Vanderbilt's Ugandan music project.
    2. Travel Grant
      1. Anna Neal announced that the Travel Grant is available and the deadline is in August 2010.
    3. Nominating
      1. Chris Durman announced the Nominating Committee:
        1. Mac Nelson (UNCG)
        2. Jean Wald (Stetson)
      2. The nominating committee is seeking two names each for Member-At-Large and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Chris will send out a message over SEMLA-L about this.
    4. Public Relations (Nara)
      1. Nara Newcomer reminded the membership on behalf of Ashlie Conway that we have a Facebook page and we need 100 members to get a unique URL (e.g.; we currently have 69.
    5. Educational Outreach Program (Grover)
      1. Grover Baker reported that Lisa Hooper is the newest member on the committee.
      2. Nara Newcomer and Mac Nelson presented at NCLA; Grover Baker and Chris Durman presented at TLA.
      3. Liza Wiesbrod and Cynthia Miller will present at ALLA (Alabama Library Association).
      4. We will raise our registration to $85 early/$100 regular to cover costs and allow for honoraria.
      5. Diane Steinhaus asked if there was a mechanism to pass long feedback from participants. Grover has them so far; he doesn't know about the state library associations. Nara and Mac wrote up an article in Breve Notes.
    6. Program for 2010 Meeting in Columbia, SC
      1. Contact Gary Boye if you are interested in presenting at the 2010 meeting in Columbia, SC.
    7. Local Arrangements for Columbia
      1. Scott Phinney reported that the dates are Oct. 14-16, 2010.
      2. We will be staying at the Hampton Inn-Downtown Historic District in the Vista section of the city.
      3. The room rate will be $119.00 per night with 11% sales tax.
      4. Joyce Clinkscales requested that the banquet be held at a fine restaurant, as in 1997.
  3. Web Developments
    1. Membership Directory
      1. Anna Neal reported that we will be updating the membership directory more frequently; this will make it more accurate and timely.
      2. The directory will be located on the SEMLA web site separately, not part of Breve Notes.
      3. We will archive older versions so we can track who was in the chapter when.
  4. Chapter Grant
    1. John Druesedow reminded the membership that proposals are due in time for spring MLA Board meeting.
    2. We don't have anything planned at the moment, but we are thinking of digitizing earlier Breve Notes editions.
    3. Ashlie Conway is the archivist in charge of keeping the paper copies.
  5. SEMLA Oral History Project
    1. Jenny Colvin reminded the membership that the deadline for the interviews is the end of March so they can be prepared for SEMLA 2010, which will be the 40th anniversary.
    2. She is looking for a partner with whom to prepare a program about it in October.
  6. Future SEMLA meeting sites
    1. 2010, Oct. 14-16--Columbia, SC
      1. 40th Anniversary
        1. The membership requested a birthday cake at the banquet.
        2. It was suggested that a list of founding members of SEMLA be generated so that they may be invited to the meeting.
    2. 2011--Chapel Hill, NC
      1. Either Phil Vandermeer or Diane Steinhaus will be Local Arrangements Chair.
      2. This coincides with the 75th anniversary of the UNC Music Library.
    3. 2012--Tuscaloosa, AL
      1. Cynthia Miller will be the Local Arrangements Chair.
      2. The last time we were there was in 1993.
    4. 2013--Nashville, TN
      1. Holling Smith-Borne will likely be the Local Arrangements Chair.
    5. 2014--Baton Rouge, LA
      1. Lois Kuyper-Rushing offered to host 2014 at Louisiana State University.
    6. Diane suggested having a joint meeting with the Atlantic Chapter in 2015, perhaps in the Washington, DC area.
  7. Recognition
    1. SEMLA Libraries in the news
      1. John Druesedow reported that the Center for Popular Music at MTSU acquired the Charlie Walker collection, a 26.56 linear foot-collection as reported in Notes.
        1. Grover Baker added that Tim Gmeiner was originally contacted for the collection at Belmont, but since they don't have an archive, MTSU was contacted instead.
      2. East Carolina University Music Library was determined to be the most effective reference department in a national study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, also reported in Notes.
        1. David Hursh encouraged others to do it, though it costs $500.
        2. Both the reference librarian and the patron fill out a survey of one page.
        3. You need to complete 100 surveys.
  8. Old Business
    1. There was no old business to report.
  9. New Business
    1. SEMLA and SELA and communications
      1. Nara Newcomer reported that she was contacted by the SELA (Southeastern Library Association) Membership and Mentoring Committee chair. He had been referred by MLA to advertise their organization in Breve Notes.
      2. Grover Baker added that we sent out their message over SEMLA-L; we have not included it in Breve Notes. Hal Mendelsohn of the University of Central Florida (the original requester) was content with this.
      3. Grover asked the membership what they perceived the purpose of Breve Notes to be, if it should be just for us, or should it include other organizations. The Southeastern Librarian does include advertisements and will include ours.
      4. Lois Kuyper-Rushing commented that we need to consider what it will do for us. She asked if we could be considered mentors for SELA and vice versa? We don't want to be a posting board for events in the region without determining how it would benefit our membership.
      5. SELA is interested in increasing their membership and participate in their mentoring program.
      6. Lynne Jaffe commented that they contacted us in the past to ask if we could do a joint conference. The Board vetoed it at the time.
      7. SELA meets in conjunction with a state library association meeting.
    2. Membership demographics
      1. John Druesedow stated that he is concerned with the number of members we have now.
      2. Currently, we have 95 personal members and 7 institutional members.
      3. The annual meeting usually has between 45 and 50 attendees, about half of the membership.
      4. With shrinking travel budgets, the attendance may drop at meetings.
      5. We should be on the lookout for new potential members and invite them in so we have a pool of active members to carry on the work of the organization.
    3. Meeting dates
      1. John Druesedow reported that there was concern that the annual meeting in Columbia conflicted with the Georgia Library Association and OLAC.
      2. John responded to the concerned party that local arrangements concerns have to take precedence, but we will be mindful of other organizations' events where practicable.
  10. Announcements
    1. Diane Steinhaus announced that she will be putting out a message on MLA-L to ask for help for folks in Haiti; she has been working with an organization there and will be soliciting donations of performing editions of music and possibly recordings.
    2. John Druesedow announced that Robert Curtis lives here in California and thinks of us fondly.
    3. Neil Hughes said Bill Coscarelli sends greetings.
    4. Lynne Jaffe said Jeannette Thompson from Tulane sends greetings.
  11. Adjourn at 7:00 pm.

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All photos in this issue of Breve Notes courtesy of Darlene & Lenny Bertrand, Grover Baker, and Diane Steinhaus. For more photos, see the pdf version.

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