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No. 79 January 2007


2006 SEMLA Annual Meeting in Columbus, Georgia

Michael Bonnard, Catalog/Music Librarian, Brewton-Parker College

David Hursh with Local Arrangements Committee Chair Roberta Chodacki Ford, Judy Moore, and Michelle Nowell.

David Hursh with Local Arrangements Committee Chair Roberta Chodacki Ford, Judy Moore, and Michelle Nowell.


The 2006 SEMLA Annual Meeting titled “SEMLA on the Hooch” was held at Columbus State University's Schwob School of Music, in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts in Columbus, Georgia. From October 12-14, attendees basked in the wonders of the brand new performing arts center complex in downtown Columbus near the historic district and the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

The opening reception was held in the Music Library at Columbus State University RiverCenter for the Performing Arts and, once again, was sponsored by the Music Library Service Company. Old friends were reunited and new faces were welcomed and we ate and ate and ate. Then, gangs of marauding music librarians infiltrated the city to eat some more at various downtown Columbus establishments.



The Friday morning session began with welcome and opening remarks from Callie McGinnis (CSU Dean of Libraries) and Earl Coleman (CSU Associate Dean for the Fine and Performing Arts) where we learned a little bit about the history of the city of Columbus, Columbus State University, and the Schwob School of Music. The first presentation was by Reagan Grimsley (Columbus State University Archives) on Discovering “Blind Tom” Wiggins: Creating access to original music scores in the Columbus State University Archives. He discussed the process of making the Archive's sheet music accessible on the Internet through digital imaging, along with the advantages and disadvantages of making these materials widely available on the Internet. Next, in Monkey Biz-ness (Down in Tennessee ), Grover Baker (Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University ) discussed the sheet music digital imaging project of songs about the Scopes monkey trial (1925, Dayton , Tennessee) and other songs about monkeys. He included the trials and tribulations of tracking copyright holdings and renewal information. Sarah Dorsey (University of North Carolina, Greensboro) and Anna Neal (University of Memphis) jointly presented the last session of the morning on The piano music of Louise Talma. Sarah shared biographical material and style characteristics of this American composer while Anna played some shorter works and excerpts on the piano, discussing style characteristics of the individual pieces.

Columbus author F. Clason Kyle began the afternoon session with In Order of Appearance. He spoke with us about the Springer Opera House, a 19th century registered historic landmark, where we learned the rich history of the facility, actors and musicians that have graced its stage, and the arduous task of rescuing and restoring it. Following this was a tour of the facility—a fascinating diversion complete with stories of ghosts, ladies of the evening, and an account of Columbus native Ma Rainey's stage debut. The final presenter of the day was Chris Durman (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) on Naxos Music Library vs. Classical Music Library. He compared the two services on repertoire, searching mechanisms, player functionality, streaming options and sound quality, playlists and static URLs, text resources, extras, and pricing. Chris's topic sparked lively discussion, voicing of concerns, and many questions from the entire group. The afternoon wound up with a tour of the performance halls in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts. In the evening, the annual banquet was at Bludau's 1839 Goetchius House in the heart of Columbus's historic district.

Harry Eskew's (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Emeritus) Georgia Origins of the Sacred Harp opened the Saturday session. Sacred Harp singing is a special style of a cappella hymn singing that originated in the American South, where many of the singers also composed hymns. Eventually the shape-note hymns were compiled and first published around 160 years ago. Georgia on My Mind by John Druesedow (Duke University) was the final presentation of the meeting. He spoke about the history of three popular songs with Georgia in the title: “Marching through Georgia,” which is about Sherman 's destructive march during the Civil War, “Sweet Georgia Brown,” the theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters, and “Georgia on My Mind,” made famous by Georgia native Ray Charles. The conference ended with the annual business meeting.

An attentive audience as Anna Neal presents from the piano

An attentive audience as Anna Neal presents from the piano.

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From the Chair

Lynne C. Jaffe At Your Service: Library Contract Cataloging

Happy New Year to you all and may we be blessed with another quiet hurricane season this year. Spring bulbs have been planted in my garden. I look forward to seeing the results of my yard work.

We had a great meeting in Columbus thanks to Local Arrangements Chair, Roberta Ford and her crew: Judy Moore, Michelle Nowell and Holli Redden. Many thanks to the Program Committee, Guy Leach, Chair, Catherine Gick (former chair) and Roberta Ford for putting together a program that interspersed library-related topics with local-related topics. You can read an account of the meeting by Michael Bonnard elsewhere in this issue. I want to thank Dana Jaunzemis and the Music Library Service Company (MLSC) for sponsoring the opening reception.

Congratulations to our newly elected officers. Anna Neal is our new Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Lynn Jacobson is coming aboard as Member-at-Large. Thanks to Gary Boye and Scott Phinney for running. Thank you to our out-going Member-at-Large, Robena Cornwell, and Past Chair, Diane Steinhaus.

Congratulations also to our Travel Grant winners, Ashlie Keylon, a library school student at University of South Carolina, and Kevin Kelly, a paraprofessional supervising the music collection in the School of Music at the University of Georgia .

There have been a few developments in the planning of the joint chapter meeting with the Texas Chapter since our chapter meeting. The Texas Chapter held their annual meeting shortly after ours and determined that it would be cost prohibitive to travel to Greenville. Therefore, the 2008 meeting will be a regular chapter meeting at East Carolina University. We offered to host a joint meeting in 2009 at Loyola in New Orleans. Texas has “enthusiastically” accepted our invitation and is looking forward to working with us on this. Davidson College has graciously agreed to host our 40th annual meeting in 2010.

I hope to see you all in Pittsburgh in February. Our interim chapter meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 2, from 7-8 pm.

Neil Hughes, Lynne Jaffe, and Lenny Bertrand

Neil Hughes, Lynne Jaffe, and Lenny Bertrand.

Grover Baker, Lenny Bertrand, and Chris Durman.

Grover Baker, Lenny Bertrand, and Chris Durman.


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SEMLA Travel Grant Winners

Ashlie Keylon is a library school student at the University of South Carolina and also works in their Music Library. She got her MME from USC, during which time she was the band librarian. Ashlie is very eager to learn more about music librarianship and to experience music libraries in addition to the one she knows.

Kevin Kelly works as a paraprofessional supervising the music collection in the School of Music at the University of Georgia . He holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and looks forward to becoming an active member of SEMLA. Kevin sent the following thank you note to Chair Lynne Jaffe after the SEMLA meeting in October:

The past SEMLA meeting was my invitation into the group, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the meeting. Foremost was my enjoyment of the people – a very affable group, willing to listen, help each other, and share their support (so unlike a number of other professional meetings I've been to). Then the meeting itself was well done – the proximity of the hotel to the meeting room, the smoothness of the daily operations, the delicious reception, and the very wonderful tours of the opera house and River Center.

I thank you, as a representative of the group, for providing such a good meeting, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

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Business Meeting

Business Meeting
Southeast Chapter, Music Library Association
October 14, 2006, Columbus, GA
Lynne Jaffe, Chair, presiding
44 in attendance

I. Call to order at 10:30 am.

II. Minutes

The minutes of the October 29, 2005 meeting in Memphis, TN, were approved as corrected.

III. Treasurer's report (Dougan)

Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association
Treasurer's Report
For period February 15, 2005—October 6, 2006
Submitted by Kirstin Dougan
Columbus, GA

October 14, 2006

NET WORTH as of February 15, 2006 $18,046.68
Membership dues $825.00
Gifts $245.00
SEMLA 2006 Annual meeting registrations/banquet $2,530.00
Interest on checking account (as of 9/29/2006) $7.57
Interest on money market account (as of 9/29/2006) $13.56


SEMLA 2005 Annual meeting expenses  

Neal LAC expenses reimbursements

MLA 75th /Commission fundraising/meeting expenses  

Banquet entertainment, second installment


Honoraria and thank you gifts

Neal LAC expenses reiumbursements

SEMLA 2006 Annual meeting expenses


Banquet deposit


Travel Grants (2)


Meeting registration refund


Stop payment on 2 stolen checks

Checking account balance as of 10/06/2006 $14,714.06
Money Market account balance as of 10/06/2006 $4,095.00
NET WORTH as of October 6, 2006 $18,809.06
MEMBERSHIP (paid as of 10/06/2006)  





IV. Welcome to new members and first time attendees (Jaffe)

Mike Fitzgerald (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, SILS)
Paul Greitzer (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, SILS)
Alberto Hernandez (University of West Florida)
Kevin Kelley (University of Georgia)
Ashlie Keylon (University of South Carolina)
Adam Kubick (Clayton State University)
Holling Smith-Borne (Vanderbilt University)
Abby Thompson (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, SILS)

V. Travel Grant (Steinhaus)

Awarded to Ashlie Keylon (University of South Carolina) and Kevin Kelley (University of Georgia)

VI. SEMLA Board Member-at-large change (Jaffe)

Catherine Gick has left Vanderbilt to accept a position at Brown and Guy Leach from Georgia State University has agreed to fill out her term as member-at-large.

VII. Best of Chapters (Jaffe)

Leslie Kamtman and Christia Thomason will present at MLA in Pittsburgh. Anyone interested in serving on the next committee should see Lynne.

VIII. Web task force—directory of collections (Beutter)

Deadline for submission of information is December 1—link is on the SEMLA website.

IX. Upcoming SEMLA meeting sites

2007— Jacksonville , FL (Jacobson) Oct 11-13 or Oct 18-20
2008— East Carolina (Hursh) (joint with TMLA)

X. SEMLA Oral History Project (Jaffe)

Jenny Colvin will chair; contact her if interested in participating. The committee will look at using some templates from Midwest Chapter, as they have a successful oral history program. Although this will be an ongoing project, SEMLA's 40th anniversary in 2010 is a tentative goal for having a portion of the interviews complete.

XI. MLA Outreach Program (Jaffe, Smith-Borne)

MLA's Education committee and its Outreach and Library School Liaison subcommittees are developing a joint effort to reach out to paraprofessionals, non-music staff working with music collections, and new staff; in part through pre-MLA meeting workshops. More information will be sent to SEMLA-L and discussed at next MLA meeting.

XII. Old Business

Thank you to the Local Arrangements Committee (Roberta Chodacki Ford, Holli Redden, Judy Moore—all from Columbus State); thank you to the Program Committee (Roberta, Catherine Gick and Guy Leach); many thanks to Dana at MLSC for sponsoring our opening reception; thank you to Diane Steinhaus and Robena Cornwell as outgoing board members.

XIII. New Business

Emory and North Texas State will be jointly offering a distance MLS program; starting next fall, first cohort to receive free tuition.

XIV. Election Results

Thank you to the nominating committee for a good slate (Robena Cornwell, Steve Mantz, Nancy Zavac). Anna Neal has been elected as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Lynne Jacobson has been elected member-at-large.

XV. Adjourn at 11:02am.

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