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No. 65April 2002


From the Chair...
Sarah Dorsey
University of
North Carolina-Greensboro

My Dear SEMLAites,

Generally speaking, I don't particularly like business meetings, but I have to say that Jim Cassaro started the business meeting in Las Vegas with a lovely truth for MLA which I think holds for SEMLA as well. Here it is part of his introduction: "Good afternoon, everyone and welcome home! For MLA is our home. It is our 'safe' place, where we come together to work hard and play hard. I know of no other organization where its members come together in such a collegial, productive and professional manner."

Well, as you have all seen (thanks to Lois' posting of the dancing librarians photo), we certainly played hard in Las Vegas! For those of you who could not make it, we also got some excellent SEMLA work done in a delightfully productive and brief business meeting before some of us went off to Egypt (via the Luxor). SEMLA chair Sarah Dorsey (center) gets funky at the 2002 MLA Meeting in Las Vegas

One of the most notable products of that meeting to me was the forward-looking decisiveness and generosity of our members in the area of meeting locations. We are booked through 2006 - very exciting! The lineup is as follows: in 2002 we will meet in Baton Rouge; in 2003 we'll gather in Chapel Hill/Durham; in 2004 we'll join forces at Emory; in 2005 we'll get all shook up in Memphis (in preparation for the national meeting there the following February); and in 2006 we plan to cool our heels in Columbus, GA. Thanks to everyone for this exciting and varied line up! Anticipation is happening already!

Speaking of Baton Rouge, we got some insight from Lois on the dinner possibilities which look to involve some sight seeing on the way - what a bonus! Rashidah and her group are putting together a program to look forward to and I know I'm planning on a swamp tour. Our next newsletter issue will be filled with all the information you'll need (by the way, the dates are Oct. 10-12, 2002) to plan. Also, keep an eye out for announcements of the new home of our web page where there will be plenty of Baton Rouge announcements.

We are collecting our groups for the Chapter Grant and the Best of Chapters, so stay tuned to SEMLA-L for the final roster of those committees.

Speaking of appreciation, Steve sent a check of $325 to MLA in honor of our retirees Laura Dankner, Harry Eskew, and Roy Magers. And one of those retirees won't be so retiring just yet as she steps to the position of MLA president next year. Hurrah to our own Swamp Woman!

And I also want to thank profusely the person who made it possible for you to read this, our newly appointed official Newsletter Editor, Alan Ringwood. Thanks so much for everything you do to help keep us informed.

So, I hope this newsletter finds you well - working hard and playing hard - and I look forward to seeing y'all in Baton Rouge!



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Member News

Harry Eskew led three sessions during Furman University's Church Music Conference in January. He read papers on "Folk Hymns and Spirituals of the Early South" and "William Walker: Carolina Contributor to American Music," and coordinated a Sacred Harp Singing.

Construction Begins on University of Miami's Music Library and Technology Center

Nancy Zavac reports that work has commenced on the new Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library and Technology Center at the University of Miami. The new facility will contain the music library and an advanced technology center, including six computer labs. The music library will house books, scores, sound and video recordings, and special collections, in addition to computer facilities, audio- and video-playback equipment, and study areas. Pictures from the ground breaking ceremony are available at,1770,8548-1;13164-3,00.html.

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SEMLA 2002 Conference Preview

The annual SEMLA meeting will be held October 10-12, 2002 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the campus of Louisiana State University. Attendees will stay at the new and beautiful LSU campus hotel located at 3848 West Lakeshore Drive. This is within easy walking distance of the campus where the meetings will be held. Not only will there be a fascinating program, but you'll have an opportunity to tour the new Carter Music Resources Center in the LSU Libraries.

Lots of Cajun food and great times are promised for this trip to Louisiana. On Saturday afternoon a trip to the bayous to see alligators, cypress trees, and other local floral and fauna is planned.

The program theme for SEMLA 2002 is "Information Literacy in the Music Library." The emphasis is on broad participation from SEMLA membership for the Saturday program. In June, expect a call for papers on pertinent issues on the program theme. We hope the membership will volunteer to address such topics as:

Tentatively the conference will open with a colloquy on "Education for Music Librarianship" to revisit the ongoing dichotomy between the importance of music scholarship and general library skills for music librarians. We hope the rest of the day will be spent enjoying the best of the rich Louisiana cultural offerings. There are at least two presentations on music reference that are expected to round out the Friday and Saturday schedule of events.

In the meantime, please visit these information literacy Web sites to get started on what you would like to contribute/present:

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